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Need for Education Verifications

Over 86% of employers have reported that proper screening techniques have exposed candidates who lied on their resumes. Checking genuine qualifications is crucial in making well-informed hiring decisions. Thus education verifications can help you to:

  • Hire qualified candidates
  • Identify false education credentials
  • Spot any informational discrepancies, red flags, or violations
  • Save resources and protect your organization against liability claims

Get the entire education history of the candidate in one place


Course enrollment




Major of degree


GPA scores


Graduation status

Easy onboarding

Three simple steps to get started

Initiate Education Verification

Candidates are requested to submit the background verification form along with the supporting documents to initiate the process.

Run thorough checks

The request for confirming the educational details of candidates shall be raised in one of four methods: personal visit to the educational institutions, courier, e-mail, or fax.

Verify candidate’s education history

Get detailed information on qualification, name of the institution, duration, year of passing, and more. Review if it is in line with the information provided by the candidate.

What makes SpringVerify unique?

Easy onboarding

Safe and secure

Transparent pricing

Workflow automation

Tailored solutions based on your requirements

Powered by AI and Blockchain

Remote-friendly and contactless verifications

Compliant with ISO 27001:9000, PCI, and more

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The best part about SpringVerify is its user portal. It provides real-time updates making our HR job easier. The entire process is so seamless saving us a lot of time, effort and resources in the process.

Rupali M
Integrichain India Pvt. Ltd.

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