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Background Screening Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

When it comes to healthcare professionals - safety and trust are at stake with every hire. Running background checks ensures your patients are entrusted with reliable medical practitioners and staff.

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Recommended Healthcare Checks

It is important to onboard qualified healthcare personnel and deliver optimal care for your patients. Rightly so, here are a suite of checks we highly recommend:

Instant Background Screening for Healthcare Professionals

For Nurses, Medical Assistants, and Home Health Aide

Identify candidate’s involvement in any past misconduct, sexual offense, drug abuse, or criminal cases that could put patients, staff, and the organization at risk.

For Physicians and Medical Practitioners

Examine the aspects which are critical for a trusted physician. Verify their education, employment, drug history, licensing, and criminal background history to ensure your patient’s health and your reputation is not at stake.

For Students Practitioners

You want to give your students every edge you can. Therefore, ensure your best and brightest meet the required standards set for the healthcare facilities before you admit them.

Customized Solutions built for
Healthcare Professionals

Built-in compliance workflows

SpringVerify runs checks on required healthcare sanctions and abuse registries to find any discrepancies on the candidate. In addition, ensure you adhere to all screening regulations and compliance standards.

Empower Bulk and Seasonal Hiring

Verify multiple candidates in one shot. Easily, easily set your hiring criteria and screen candidates based on your requirements.

Seamless Candidate Experience

Candidates can submit the information quickly and track the status in real-time. They can also connect with our live support team in case of any queries.

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It's the first time we are doing background checks. But still, SpringVerify gave us very good clarity on the process. They helped us in setting up the account quickly and and helped us perform checks without any hassle.

Mariam M
Touchkin eServices Pvt. Ltd.

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